Water Emergency: Cordell 390-4392  
Glen Ullin Emergency Manager: Darcy Fitterer
Morton County Emergency Manager: Cody (701) 667-3307
Glen Ullin Fire Chief: Wade Kottre 426-0889
Morton County Sheriff: Kyle Kirchmeier (701) 667-3330

CodeRed Sign up Instructions and App

 Glen Ullin has an Emergency Director that helps the city coordinate emergency services during disasters.  The Emergency Director with the help of a small group of Volunteers, work directly with the City of Glen Ullin, Morton County Sheriff’s Dept., Morton County Emergency Management, GU Ambulance Service and the GU Fire Dept. to help with any disaster or major event run smoothly.  If you have any questions or concerns about a potential or ongoing disaster in the Glen Ullin area please call the City Auditor at (701) 348-3683 during city hours.  For all Emergencies please call 911.

 Morton County Emergency Notification System

Sign-Up Information

Citizens:  If you live in Morton County and have any phone system; such as landline (hardwired in homes), cell phones, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), or any other phone systems, you should register to ensure they will be in the database for any CityWatch system use.  please click here to fill out the form.

Again, Morton County makes no guarantees, however, by signing up you will be included in the database for emergency and nonemergency notifications.


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