History of Glen Ullin

"The Name"

In May or June of 1879 the Northern Pacific had laid the tracks through the area that is now Glen Ullin. Four years

later two land agents - Major Alvin E. Bovay of Ripon, WI, and Isaac Richardson of Cleveland, OH, organized a

group to settle in western North Dakota. They decided on the spot that is now Glen Ullin. Major Bovay chose the

name Glen Ullin from one of his favorite pieces of literature, "Lord Ullin's Daughter." The word Glen is a Gaelic word

meaning valley, decided upon because of the location in Curlew Vally, a beautiful glen.

"City History"

Major Alvin Bovay surveyed the Glen Ullin area in 1881 and on August 6, 1883, the townsite was platted. On March 9, 1901,

Glen Ullin was incorportated as a village. The presidents of the Village Board were chosen each year with some of them

being re-elected for a second year. The population of Glen Ullin in 1910 was 921, and it was the time, Glen Ullin was no

longer called a village but a city. On March 25, 1910, the city election was held with a mayor and council chosen to

represent the people. This same form of city government has been maintained to this date. There are three wards in the city

with two councilmen representing each ward. Three of the councilmen are elected every two years. Formerly, the mayor

and council were elected for two-year terms b ut since 1934 they serve four years at each term of office.

Michael Tschida, Sr. was elected to be the first mayor.


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