Blue Room Rental

Downstairs Meeting room with meal

Cooking in Kitchen-Additional Fee





Liquor Licenses 

Class A:  On & Off Sale Liquor

Class B: On & Off Sale Beer

Class C:  Off Sale Liquor

Class D:  Off Sale Beer

Class E: On Sale Liquor & Beer Special Events

Class F: Specialty Restaurant Beer & Wine







Dog Licensing 

$5.00 per dog license

All dog licenses expire May 1 regardless of when they were issued. 

Bring proof of rabies and distemper shots to the city office to get your dog licensed and recieve your dog tag.

Licenses may be issued at any time, not just on dog licensing day.  Stop at the city hall 8:30-11:30AM

Building Permits

All exterior additions or new buildings need a building permit.  Small storage sheds under 100 square feet no permit needed.  All fences need a permit..  See file at right for new permit fees effective 2017

2017-02 Building Permit Fees 01.05.16.docx 2017-02 Building Permit Fees 01.05.16.docx
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 Local Gaming Permit

$10.00 fee for all local gaming permits

All gaming permits expire June 30 regardless of when they were issued.  All permits must be approved by the city council.   

Click for an application.


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