City of Glen Ullin

Why is the City knocking on my door?

Meter head replacement has begun in the City of Glen Ullin. This will change our meters to radio read which is a drive by reading instead of having a person walk to each house to read each button.  Water readings will be collected in about an hour once a month instead of two days of walking time. 

 Where is my meter? Your water meter is located in your house where the water enters your dwelling usually your basement.  It could be a crawl space or a closet if you don’t have a basement.  The meter outside your house would be your gas meter.  The water meter has to be where it is warm or it would freeze and break the meter.

 What if I’m not home? If you are not home when the meter installer stops by your house they will leave a notice on your door asking you to contact the city to set up an appointment.  If you are gone during the day late afternoon or evening appointments can be made. 

Who will replace my meter head?  The City of Glen Ullin has 3 people that can replace the meter head.  Maintenance Superintendent Mike Hoerauf, City Maintenance John Hasley or Councilmen Alex Martinez.  All installers will be wearing a name badge with their pictures and names on them.  You can see a picture of each of them on the city webpage under “Employees” and the “City Council” pages.

How long does it take?  The installer should take about 5 minutes of your time if they have clear access to your meter. 

What does it cost?  There is no cost to the resident, a grant paid for all the radio read meter heads.  The city is responsible for the labor costs of installing the meter replacement. 

Can I remove my meter button on the side of my house?  Yes, once your meter has been updated you can remove the wires and button from the outside of your house.  The easiest way to remove the button and wire is to remove the two screws from the button on the outside of your house and then pull the wires through to the outside. 

What should I do with the old meter?  The meter head, reading button and wires can all be discarded in your trash can. 

What if I don’t want it replaced?  If you deny entrance to your home or access to your water meter, the city will estimate your usage at twice your average usage until the meter has been replaced.  

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